Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Post-doc position in quantum computing and quantum information at Paris-Saclay 30/07/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc/Research Assistant Professor, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan 31/07/2021 PostDoc, Professorship
2-year Postdoc in Quantum Chaos at Uni.lu 31/07/2021 PostDoc
QI Postdocs @ the National Center for Theoretical Sciences 31/07/2021 PostDoc
PhD and PostDoc positions on the fiber interconnect of remote trapped ion experiments 31/07/2021 PhD, PostDoc
2 PhD positions on Quantum information theory for solid state spin qubits 31/07/2021 PhD
New Scholarship Opportunities-Microsoft Ireland partners with the new MSc in Quantum Science and Technology, Trinity College Dublin 31/07/2021 Other
Postdoc in Artificial Intelligence for Quantum Physics 31/07/2021 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position on theory of continuously monitored quantum sensors (Warsaw, PL) 31/07/2021 PostDoc
Quantum Information Processing positions at the Jülich Super Computing Centre 03/08/2021 PhD, PostDoc
Trinity-Microsoft Quantum PhD Scholarships at Trinity College Dublin 08/08/2021 PhD
Postdoc at QuSoft on Mathematics of Quantum Algorithms 08/08/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc Position Analogue Gravity aka Quantum Simulations of Curved Spacetime 08/08/2021 PostDoc
IBM-Trinity Pre-Doc Program: IBM-TCD Pre-doc Fellowship in Quantum Science 10/08/2021 Fellowship, PhD
2 postdoc positions in Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Control 13/08/2021 PostDoc
Post-Doc on Statistical Theory of Controlled Quantum Dynamics 20/08/2021 PostDoc
Research Assistant (m/w/d), EG 13 TV-H, fixed-term-position 20/08/2021 PhD, PostDoc
Faculty Position in Quantum Information and Computation 27/08/2021 Professorship
PhD Fellowships in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Science and Technology 30/08/2021 PhD
2-year postdoc on dynamics of non-Hermitian quantum systems (Uni.lu) 31/08/2021 PostDoc