Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Postdoctoral position in Experimental Quantum Optics/Ultracold atoms - Glasgow PostDoc
Quantum Optical Information Theorist Other
Professorship (W2) in Theoretical Physics in Hannover Professorship
Postdoctoral position in Theoretical Quantum Information - QUEST group@UMass Lowell PostDoc
Quantum Information theory PostDoc
Two Postdocs in Quantum Computation at the University of Southern California PostDoc
PostDoc at KIT (Karlsruhe, Germany) in the field of quantum plasmonics or quantum optics at the nanoscale PostDoc
Optical Communication Engineer PhD, PostDoc
MPL-JGU Postdoc in QOptics/Cond Mat PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Theory of Quantum Measurement/Feedback/Computing PostDoc
Postdoctoral research positions in quantum information theory PostDoc
Postdoc positions in AMO (Experiment and Theory) at University of Oklahoma PostDoc
Postdoctoral opening in Vienna PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in the Quantum Information Group Télécom ParisTech ­- CNRS PostDoc
Senior Quantum Optics Experimental Physicist (permanent) Other
Postdoc/PhD Positions in Quantum Information Science and Machine Intelligence at Kyung Hee University, Korea PhD, PostDoc
Chair in Theoretical Quantum Optics / Quantum Information Science Professorship
Postdoctoral position in Experimental Quantum Information - NIST and QUEST group@UMass Lowell PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions at the University of Latvia PostDoc
Post-doctoral fellowships at the Institute for Quantum Computing PostDoc