Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Postdoctoral position in theoretical circuit QED 11/12/2008 PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions, Caltech-CPI 14/12/2008 PhD
Institute for Quantum Information, Caltech 14/12/2008 PhD
Post-doctoral position in Experimental Quantum Optics and Atom Physics 30/12/2008 PostDoc
Post-doctoral position in Integrated Entangled Photon Sources 30/12/2008 PostDoc
Postdoc position on the theoretical study of solid state quantum computing 31/01/2009 PostDoc
Two Theoretical Positions in Quantum Information and Quantum Dot Qubits 01/02/2009 PostDoc
Lecturer Position 05/02/2009 Other
HP Labs - Post-Doctoral Researcher in Experimental QKD 19/03/2009 PostDoc
Post Doctoral Fellow and PhD in Experiemntal Quantum Optics 31/03/2009 PostDoc
PhD positions - Quantum Many-Body Systems Division (Prof. Bloch) 30/01/2010 PhD
PhD Fellowship-Contract MICINN-FPI 2010 21/02/2010 PhD
Several open PhD and Post-Doctoral positions 30/03/2010 PhD, PostDoc
Open Call for 2010 to the Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems 14/04/2010 PhD
ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan" Fellowship Programme 29/04/2010 PostDoc
Two PhD Positions in Logics for Quantum Interaction (Univ. of Groningen, Netherlands) 06/06/2010 PhD
Open Post-Doc Position in Logics for Quantum Interaction (University of Groningen, Netherlands) 06/06/2010 PostDoc
International PhD Project: Physics of Future Quantum-Based Information Technologies 13/06/2010 PhD
Postdoctoral research position in quantum optics with atomic ensembles (QOAE) 14/07/2010 PostDoc
Postdoctoral research position in Solid State Quantum Memories (SSQM) 14/07/2010 PostDoc