Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Postdoctoral position in Theoretical Quantum Mechanics with Trapped Ions 31/12/2020 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in experimental quantum mechanics with trapped ions 31/12/2020 PostDoc
Tunable Josephson voltage source 31/12/2020 PostDoc
Theoretical and Computational Physics - Postdoctoral Researcher 31/12/2020 PostDoc
PhD & PostDoc positions in superconducting circuits experimental group in Singapore 31/12/2020 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc position, Study of a integrated DV-QKD connection between governmental sites, Paris 31/12/2020 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Quantum information/foundations at Bilkent University 01/01/2021 PostDoc
3-Year Postdoc in Quantum Information Theory & Quantum Technologies 03/01/2021 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Quantum Many-Body Physics 03/01/2021 PostDoc
PhD positions in quantum sensing & computation 04/01/2021 PhD
PhD in Quantum Darwinism/Quantum open systems at Center For Theoretical Physics PAS (Warsaw) 05/01/2021 PhD
Post-doc position in quantum algorithms 08/01/2021 PostDoc
Simulation of many-body systems on near-term quantum simulators (Chengdu, China) 08/01/2021 PostDoc
Cold Atom PhD 09/01/2021 PhD
ESR8 – Moving from a superradiant laser to a frequency standard 10/01/2021 PhD
Position in a H2020 EURAMET EMPIR 18SIB05 ROCIT "Robust Optical Clocks for International Timescales" project at Toruń, Poland 10/01/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc position in Theoretical Quantum Information Science 11/01/2021 PostDoc
Research Assistant Quantum Computing and Music 13/01/2021 Other, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantum Information / Quantum Nonlocality 15/01/2021 PostDoc
Phd in Quantum Machine Learning 15/01/2021 PhD