Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty 15/01/2021 Professorship
Postdoctoral position in quantum information at the Center for Theoretical Physics (Warsaw, Poland) - extended deadline 17/01/2021 PostDoc
Post-doctoral position in Nano-Optical Systems @ OIST, Japan 17/01/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc position in theoretical quantum technology at Aachen/Jülich (Müller group) 20/01/2021 PostDoc
PhD position in theoretical quantum technology at Aachen/Jülich (Müller group) 20/01/2021 PhD
Postdoc in Theoretical Quantum Thermodynamics 26/01/2021 PostDoc
Professor position in Computer Science 28/01/2021 Professorship
PhD position on SiC quantum devices 31/01/2021 PhD
Quantum spin-Hall phase in van der Waals 2D systems for future quantum computation 31/01/2021 PhD
Postdoctoral position in Diagnostics of Quantum Non-Gaussian States for Applications 31/01/2021 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Cavity (or Waveguide) QED in Innsbruck 31/01/2021 PostDoc
Two postdoc positions in quantum sensing 31/01/2021 PostDoc
PhD on semiconductor devices for quantum networking 31/01/2021 PhD
PhD position on distributed quantum computation 01/02/2021 PhD
Assistant Professor in Quantum Information Processing 01/02/2021 Professorship
PhD positions in Photonic Qauntum Engineering within DFG Research Training Group 2642 01/02/2021 PhD
PhD position in Photonic Quantum Metrology @ Stockholm University 07/02/2021 PhD
PhD in Quantum Algorithms at QuSoft/University of Amsterdam 07/02/2021 PhD
PhD Scholarships at National University of Ireland Galway 12/02/2021 PhD
Mathematical methods for quantum information and quantum control technologies 14/02/2021 PostDoc