Title Application deadline Job type
PhD - Quantum memory integration of rare-earth doped crystals - Inst. Néel Grenoble 31/01/2023 PhD
MIRAQLS Theory Postdoc in Ultrafast Quantum Sensing 20/11/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Associate (theory of quantum random number generators) 20/11/2022 PostDoc
PostDoc position in Quantum Information Theory, The University of Hong Kong 07/11/2022 PostDoc
Quantum Architect (remote/on-site) Other
Senior Quantum Architect (remote/on-site) Other
Post-doc - Experimental Superconducting Circuits for Quantum Information and Quantum Sensing 31/12/2022 PostDoc
Theory of open quantum systems 04/11/2022 PhD
Postdoc and PhD positions on Quantum Information and Holography in Berlin, Germany 30/11/2022 PhD, PostDoc
PhD position at University of Warwick 14/12/2022 PhD
Physics Postdoctoral Research Associate in Theory of Quantum Systems Group in Academic Centre for Materials and Nanotechnology AGH UST (Poland) 25/11/2022 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Associate in quantum random number generation (experimental) 01/02/2023 PostDoc
2 PhD positions (experiment) at the University of Bonn, Germany 18/11/2022 PhD
PhD studentship in quantum random number generation PhD
Assistant Professor - Quantum Information Systems - Electrical & Computer Engineering 05/12/2022 Professorship
ML4Q Undergraduate Research Internship 2023 15/11/2022 Other
Tenure-Track Professorship in Theoretical Physics 15/11/2022 Professorship
Head of Quantum DTU Center 24/10/2022 Other
Postdoctoral & PhD positions in Quantum Many-body Dynamics and Quantum Information Science @ NUS, Singapore 01/09/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral or Senior Research Associate in Theoretical Quantum Information/Quantum Gravity 02/01/2023 PostDoc