Title Application deadline Job type
Endowed Chair Full Professor in Quantum Algorithms and Software at Paderborn University 31/03/2023 Professorship
Research Scientist or Postdoc Associate (Tensor Train & CFD) 09/03/2023 PostDoc
PhD Position - Algorithms and Compilation for Quantum Computers 30/04/2023 PhD
PhD position (experimental quantum optics) at the University of Bonn, Germany 17/03/2023 PhD
2 PhD positions on Quantum Dynamics in Cologne 15/03/2023 PhD
Optical Engineering 15/03/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Internal Research Fellow (PostDoc) in Quantum Physics 11/05/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc at Department of Computer Science, Stony Brook University 07/04/2023 PostDoc
Research Fellowship (Bari, Italy) 27/02/2023 Fellowship
Postdoc Position in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Error Correction 31/05/2023 PostDoc
PhD Position in Quantum Error Mitigation 31/05/2023 PhD
Postdoc position in topological quantum computation (3 years) 08/02/2023 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Methods for Quantum Information and Quantum Control Technologies 14/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Algebraic Topology 14/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in theory of multi-component quantum condensates 14/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Assistant/Associate Professor in Quantum Engineering 15/02/2023 Professorship
Faculty Positions (all levels) in Quantum Computer Science at U. Copenhagen 26/02/2023 Professorship
PhD position in the mathematics of quantum information theory 28/02/2023 PhD
Postdoctoral Position in the Maryland Quantum Thermodynamics Hub 01/04/2023 PostDoc
Broadband, quantum-limited superconducting amplifier and applications to measurements 29/01/2023 PostDoc