Title Application deadline Job type
Post-Doc + 2PhD positions in Marseille on quantum simulation and distributed quantum computing 30/08/2022 PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc position in Quantum Information Theory, The University of Hong Kong 30/07/2022 PostDoc
Julian Schwinger Ph.D positions in 'Rydberg atomtronics' 03/08/2022 PhD
Postdoctoral Research Associates / Fellows 25/07/2022 PostDoc
PostDoc position at University of Warwick 02/08/2022 PostDoc
Postdocs in quantum computation theory at UCL 18/07/2022 PostDoc
PhD position in materials for spin qubits 31/07/2022 PhD
Distributed Quantum Computing : Algorithms and Implementations 29/07/2022 PhD
Postdoc for Quantum Computing - Algorithms, Benchmarking and Simulations at Jülich Supercomputing Centre 27/06/2022 PostDoc
Quantum Magnetometry of complex quantum materials 31/07/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc Quantum Network Architectures 10/07/2022 PostDoc
Principal investigator / Faculty position in experimental quantum optics 18/09/2022 Professorship
PhD Quantum Network Architectures 10/07/2022 PhD
Postdoc/Research assistant professor, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Japan 31/08/2022 PostDoc, Professorship
Quantum Chemist/Biochemist – Technical Leader 20/07/2022 Other
Computational Quantum Chemist/Biochemist – Technical Manager 20/07/2022 Other
Quantum Computing Scientist/Engineer – Technical Leader 20/07/2022 Other
Lecturer in Industry-Facing Applied Mathematics 12/07/2022 Professorship
Quantum Science Opportunities at Trinity College Dublin: 2 PhD positions, 3 postdoc positions, and MSc degree 01/07/2022 Other, PhD, PostDoc
2022 Research Fellow Positions at KIAS 30/06/2022 PostDoc