Titlesort descending Application deadline Job type
2 Fully Funded Ph.D. Positions at the Hybrid Technologies and Quantum Networks Research Group (based at Tec de Monterrey) 30/06/2017 PhD
2 PhD positions in Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution at University of York, UK. 05/03/2019 PhD
2 PhD & 2 PostDoc positions in the group led by Gemma De las Cuevas 30/09/2020 PhD, PostDoc
2 PhD positions (experiment) at the University of Bonn, Germany 18/11/2022 PhD
2 PhD positions at the University of Warwick 03/12/2018 PhD
2 PhD Positions in Experimental Quantum Optics 01/07/2018 PhD
2 PhD positions in quantum information at the Center for Theoretical Physics (Warsaw, Poland) 17/05/2018 PhD
2 PhD positions in Quantum Information/Computing/Machine Learning, Institute for Informatics, University of Bergen, Norway 10/08/2017 PhD
2 PhD positions in Quantum Photonics 22/12/2016 PhD
2 PhD positions in quantum security analysis 31/01/2017 PhD
2 PhD positions in Theoretical Quantum Physics at LMU Munich 10/04/2020 PhD
2 PhD positions on Quantum information theory for solid state spin qubits 31/07/2021 PhD
2 PhD positions within ITN network QCALL 15/01/2017 PhD
2 Post-Doc Positions in Theoretical Quantum Metrology at the University of Warsaw 15/09/2018 PostDoc
2 Post-doc positions on "Quantum Noise Squeezing and Gravitational Wave Detectors" (Taiwan) 31/08/2021 PostDoc
2 Postdoc and 2 PhD positions available, quantum algorithms and complexity theory @ Uni Paderborn 11/02/2022 PhD, PostDoc
2 PostDoc in Quantum Technology PostDoc
2 postdoc positions (each 1 year) at Oxford, Quantum Group in Comp. Sc. 31/08/2011 PostDoc
2 PostDoc positions and 3 PhD positions (theory) at University Duesseldorf, Germany 09/09/2022 PhD, PostDoc
2 postdoc positions in Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Control 13/08/2021 PostDoc