Title Application deadline Job type
2022 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for QUC Fellow Positions in Quantum Information Science 31/12/2022 Fellowship, PostDoc
InstituteQ Visiting Chair of Excellence in Quantum Technology 30/10/2022 Other
2022 KIAS Recruitment Announcement for Research Fellow Positions in Computational Sciences 30/11/2022 PostDoc
Integrated Photonics Designer Other
Quantum Scientist (Applied) PhD
PhD and postdoc positions in theory of quantum computing in Paris 01/11/2022 PhD, PostDoc
Quantum computing postdoc position | Bilkent University 31/10/2022 PostDoc
Quantum Compiler Developer @ ParityQC 25/11/2022 Other
Quantum Algorithm Developer @ ParityQC 25/11/2022 Other
Laboratory Engineer Quantum Sensing (m/f/d) Magnetometer 20/10/2022 Other
Software Developer for Quantum Computing (m/w/d) 30/10/2022 Other
Integrated Photonics Characterization and Testing Engineer (m/w/d) 30/10/2022 Other
Integrated Photonics Design and Simulation Engineer (m/w/d) 20/10/2022 Other
Postdoctoral position on the modeling of silicon/germanium spin qubits 23/12/2022 PostDoc
U Chicago Prize Postdoctoral Fellowship: Theoretical Quantum Science 15/11/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc in non-Markovian effects in bosonic quantum error correction 23/10/2022 PostDoc
Postdoc in the mathematics of quantum computation in Vancouver, Canada 01/11/2022 PostDoc
Quantum Computing Architect 27/11/2022 Other
Project Leader - Photonic Quantum Computer 27/11/2022 Other
Photonics Engineer - Quantum Computing 27/11/2022 Other