Title Application deadline Job type
PhD in Physics: Post-classical sensing and computational capabilities of multiphoton interferometers 07/05/2018 PhD
Open Postdoc Fellowships at the Erwin Schrödinger Centre for Quantum Science and Technology (ESQ) 30/04/2018 PostDoc
Postdoc Opportunity at NIST: Spin-Photon Coupling, and Single-Atom Devices 30/06/2018 PostDoc
Complexity at small scales with Circuit QED Quantum Simulators PhD
Research Associate/Fellow in the Theory of Quantum Simulation with Rydberg Systems 02/04/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in "Quantum thermodynamics beyond the Markovian regime" at Trinity College Dublin 31/03/2018 PhD
Postdoctoral Researchers in Quantum Information and Communication (NUS ECE/CQT) 28/04/2018 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Theoretical Quantum Optics 31/03/2018 PostDoc
PhD in cold atom theory at IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland 31/05/2018 PhD
PostDoc in cold atom theory at IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland 15/04/2018 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Sensing with Trapped Rydberg Ions at Stockholm University 02/03/2018 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum Photonics 28/02/2018 PostDoc
Postdoc in quantum dot integration with optical nanofibres at OIST, Japan 15/03/2018 PostDoc
Postdoc or staff scientist positions in experimental cold atoms at OIST, Japan 15/03/2018 PostDoc
Senior Researcher, PostDoc positions, and MSc/PhD stipends available at “A next-generation worldwide quantum sensor network with optical atomic clocks” 03/09/2018 Other, PhD, PostDoc, Professorship
PostDoc position in theoretical quantum information 21/02/2018 PostDoc
Tenure track lectureship at the University of Malta 09/03/2018 Professorship
Postdoc position in quantum metrology 18/03/2018 PostDoc
Self-organized magnetic and density ordering of cold atoms via light mediated interactions 11/02/2018 PhD
PhD position in philosophy of physics / metaphysics of science 07/02/2018 PhD