Title Application deadline Job type
PhD position in Quantum Batteries (Theory) in the UK 06/05/2024 PhD
BQ PostDoc Fellowship on Experimental Quantum Science in Berlin, Germany 01/05/2024 Fellowship, PostDoc
PostDoc Position on Experimental Quantum Communication in Berlin, Germany 31/05/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc position in Quantum Information Science in Warsaw, Poland 17/05/2024 PostDoc
"Understanding the learning process of quantum neural networks", Postdoc, Florence, Italy 29/04/2024 PostDoc
Berlin Quantum Postdoc Fellows 01/05/2024 PostDoc
PhD Studentship in Computer Science at Newcastle University (UK): Applying Quantum Foundations for Quantum Advantage 01/07/2024 PhD
Multiple PhD Scholarships available in Sydney, Australia 15/05/2024 PhD
PhD position in Singapore, on bosonic cQED experiment 15/06/2024 PhD
PhD scholarship in Quantum Information Science in Warsaw, Poland 30/04/2024 PhD
Lecturer (Assistant Professor), University of Galway, Ireland 16/05/2024 Professorship
PhD and Postdoc position in Quantum Information Theory, The University of Hong Kong 12/05/2024 PhD, PostDoc
Shaking atomic lattices: Intricate control of time-varying many-body quantum systems 15/05/2024 PhD
3Yr Research Associate in Quantum Nanophotonics (Theory) - Italy 22/04/2024 PostDoc
Experimental Physicist for Quantum Computing and Networking Research Scientist 03/06/2024 Other
Postdoc on numerical simulations of quantum algorithms for the Navier-Stokes equations 21/04/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc in Machine Learning for Classical Simulation of Many-Body Quantum Systems and Quantum Computing 07/04/2024 PostDoc
PhD in Foundational Quantum Open Systems 06/02/2024 PhD
4 PhD and Postdoc Positions in Photonic Quantum Technologies 03/05/2024 PhD, PostDoc
PhD scholarship in quantum optics and quantum information theory 31/05/2024 PhD