Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position on TI-SC hybrid devices with the goal of building a Majorana qubit 11/04/2024 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Information Theory (Hannover, Germany) 01/05/2024 PhD
Fully-funded PhD studentship at University of Edinburgh 15/05/2024 PhD
PhD positions at the Nottingham Quantum Institute 26/04/2024 PhD
PhD position on Quantum Graphs 07/01/2024 PhD
PhD Position at Institute of Physics in Zagreb (quantum memories, experiment) 22/04/2024 PhD
PhD position on Quantum Causality 30/04/2024 PhD
Phd/Postdoc positions in quantum verification/crypto 15/04/2024 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc or PhD Position in Quantum Cryptography (Siegen/Germany) 12/04/2024 PhD, PostDoc
PhD or postdoc in experimental quantum cryptography 25/05/2024 PhD, PostDoc
quantum information 25/03/2024 PostDoc
PhD position at TU Vienna (quantum theory of levitated optomechanics) 30/04/2024 PhD
PhD/postdoc positions: Quantum Information Theory @ LMU Munich 11/04/2024 PhD, PostDoc
PhD/postdoc positions: Quantum Computing @Munich Quantum Valley 11/04/2024 PhD, PostDoc
Quantum Design Engineer (Superconducting Qubits) 22/03/2024 Other
PhD position on quantum information/quantum foundations at IQOQI Vienna 22/05/2024 PhD
Postdoctoral researcher in theory of superconducting quantum devices 30/04/2024 PostDoc
PhD position in “Light-matter interaction for quantum information processing” 31/05/2024 PhD
Theory Postdoctoral Positions at Northwestern University, USA 31/03/2024 PostDoc
Assistant Professor in Quantum Communications Institut Polytechnique de Paris 20/03/2024 Professorship