Title Application deadline Job type
Research Associate- CVQKD from HAPs 25/04/2021 PostDoc
PhD grant on the multi-scale modeling of materials and devices for quantum computing 30/05/2021 PhD
Postdoc position, theoretical quantum technology, Quantum Research Center, TII 28/05/2021 PostDoc
Research Associate for the project "LISA phase readout – Developing a ground-support phasemeter based on MicroTCA" §28 subsection 3 HmbHG 31/03/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc position in experimental cavity QED with cold atoms 30/04/2021 PostDoc
PhD position on ultracold polar molecules (theory), University of Warsaw 15/05/2021 PhD
PhD position in quantum simulations with cold ion-atom systems 15/05/2021 PhD
Technical Staff for QuTiP 18/09/2021 Other, PostDoc
A PhD position – JARA Institute for Quantum Information (RWTH Aachen & Forschungszentrum Jülich), Germany 30/05/2021 PhD
Member of the Technical Staff at Unitary Fund 16/04/2021 Other
Postdoc position in quantum circuits, optomechanics and quantum optics 14/05/2021 PostDoc
Tenure Track Position in Quantum Computing (open rank) Professorship
Research Associate in Experimental Quantum Communications 15/04/2021 PostDoc
CQIQC Post-Doctoral Fellowship 31/03/2021 PostDoc
PhD in Quantum Computing at Covestro Leverkusen/Cologne Germany 31/03/2021 PhD
Postdoc Position in Quantum Control of Ultracold Atoms PostDoc
Faculty Posts in Quantum Information Science and Engineering at OIST 30/04/2021 Professorship
Postdoc position on quantum machine learning and/or quantum simulation with NISQ devices at CQT Singapore. 01/04/2021 Fellowship, PostDoc
Research assistant professor, Kyoto University, Japan 31/03/2021 PostDoc, Professorship
PhD students in quantum optics / condensed matter physics 27/03/2021 Fellowship, PhD