Title Application deadline Job type
PhD and Postdoc positions on the physics of neutral atoms in optical tweezers and lattices in Tuebingen, Germany 28/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics 14/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in condensed-matter physics 14/02/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Fully funded PhD in Quantum-Safe Cryptography at University of Amsterdam 31/01/2023 PhD
Mathematical Methods for Quantum Information and Quantum Control Technologies 31/01/2023 PostDoc
PhD Fellowship in Information and Quantum Thermodynamics 25/01/2023 PhD
PostDoc position in Quantum Matterwave Optics 30/03/2023 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Matterwave Optics 30/03/2023 PhD
Quantum Computing Foundations, Algorithms, and Complexity 17/02/2023 PhD
PhD positions: Exploring bio-inspired collective light-matter interactions in the solid-state 01/06/2023 PhD
PhD position - theoretical modeling of topological qubits at RWTH Aachen University 31/01/2023 PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher (Quantum Computing/Information) 30/03/2023 Fellowship, PostDoc
PhD position on Quantum Error Correction in Aachen, Germany 31/01/2023 PhD
QuSoft PostDoc positions at UvA and CWI (Amsterdam) 31/01/2023 PostDoc
QuSoft PhD positions at UvA and CWI (Amsterdam) 31/01/2023 PhD
Assistant / Associate Professor in Quantum Computing and Information Processing 12/03/2023 Professorship
Postdoc and PhD positions (2+2) in Theoretical Quantum Physics at the University of Luxembourg 29/01/2023 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc in either Experiment or Theory of Hybrid Quantum Systems/Optomechanics 12/01/2023 PostDoc
Quantum Research Fellowships (Bari, Italy) 04/01/2023 Fellowship
PhD position in (theory) Multipartite quantum networks 23/01/2023 PhD