Title Application deadlinesort ascending Job type
A PhD position – JARA Institute for Quantum Information (RWTH Aachen & Forschungszentrum Jülich), Germany 30/05/2021 PhD
Postdoc position, theoretical quantum technology, Quantum Research Center, TII 28/05/2021 PostDoc
Two PhD positions in quantum photonics 28/05/2021 PhD
Position in Quantum Machine Learning 27/05/2021 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Associate: Experimental photonic quantum simulation 20/05/2021 PostDoc
Post-doc position on SiC quantum spintronics 19/05/2021 PostDoc
FPGA Design Engineer 16/05/2021 Other
PhD position in quantum simulations with cold ion-atom systems 15/05/2021 PhD
PhD position on ultracold polar molecules (theory), University of Warsaw 15/05/2021 PhD
Postdoc position in quantum circuits, optomechanics and quantum optics 14/05/2021 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in theoretical many-body quantum physics with Rydberg atoms 10/05/2021 PostDoc
Postdoc Position at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies in Warsaw, Poland 07/05/2021 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position on quantum metrology with atomic sensors: theory (Warsaw, PL) 07/05/2021 PostDoc
PhD studentship at Macquarie University, Sydney 05/05/2021 PhD
PhD in Quantum Information and Sensing 04/05/2021 PhD
PhD on Multiphoton Quantum Information and Sensing (deadline May 4, 2021) 04/05/2021 PhD
Lecturer in Physics 02/05/2021 Professorship
PhD student in theoretical many-body quantum optics 01/05/2021 PhD
Postdoc position in experimental cavity QED with cold atoms 30/04/2021 PostDoc
Faculty Posts in Quantum Information Science and Engineering at OIST 30/04/2021 Professorship