Title Application deadline Job type
PhD position in Quantum Information, Quantum Statistics, Quantum Learning, Classical Information Theory 14/04/2024 PhD
ML4Q Fellowship 2024 12/03/2024 Fellowship, PostDoc
Postdoctoral researcher / Lecturer (3 positions) 11/03/2024 PostDoc
Ultrafast transport of quantum fluids of light (UAM - Madrid) 30/05/2024 PhD
Quantum communications with solid-state emitters (UAM - Madrid) 30/06/2024 PhD
2-year postdoc in quantum information theory (Bari, Italy) 11/03/2024 PostDoc
PhD position in theoretical quantum technologies in Dublin 16/02/2024 PhD
Postdoctoral position on Complex Quantum Systems at IFISC (Mallorca, Spain). 28/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc position for specialist in nanofabrication for Lithium Niobate Integrated Photonics 12/12/2024 PostDoc
Industrial PhD position in quantum algorithms at Jeppesen and Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden) 21/04/2024 PhD
Assistant professor at National University of Mexico (UNAM) 26/04/2024 Professorship
Post-doc in theoretical photonic quantum computing in Florence 21/02/2024 PostDoc
Post-doc in quantum metrology 15/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc Quantum Simulations of Curved Spacetime (Analogue Gravity) 29/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions in quantum coherence and quantum sensing with superconducting devices at University of Waterloo 15/03/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc/Research Associate in Quantum Metrology 10/05/2024 PostDoc
Research Associate 28/01/2024 Other
PhD position in molecular-ion quantum technologies for precision spectroscopy at the University of Basel (Switzerland) 01/05/2024 PhD
2-4 year Postdoc in Superconducting Qubit and Machine Learning in Germany 29/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in quantum algorithms at the University of Latvia 20/02/2024 PostDoc