Title Application deadline Job type
PhD position on Quantum Information, Paderborn University, Germany 12/02/2024 PhD
PostDoc in the theory of quantum few-body systems 04/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc in quantum computing and simulation (Sydney) 12/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc position in Integrated Photonics quantum information with Lithium Niobate (Singapore) 08/06/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc position in Superconducting Circuits quantum information with Rare-earth ions (Singapore) 08/06/2024 PostDoc
SW Developer, Quantum Algorithms and Software 14/01/2024 Other
PhD, Postdoctoral and Senior Researcher (tenure) Positions in Quantum non-Gaussian Physics 02/01/2024 Other, PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc or Staff Scientist in Quantum Technology - OIST, Okinawa (Japan) 01/05/2024 PostDoc
2-year postdoc on Optimal Information Decoders for Optical Communication at the Quantum Limit 19/01/2024 PostDoc
Exploring the evolution of natural systems under the light of quantum theory. A theoretical and computational analysis. Implications on quantum and quantum-like machine learning. 19/01/2024 PostDoc
Quantum Center Research Fellowship (PhD and postdoc) 20/02/2024 Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
PostDoc Position in Quantum Computing Applied to Molecular Electronic Structure at "Politecnico di Milano" (Milan, Italy) 12/01/2024 PostDoc
Research Fellow (postdoc) for Quantum Simulation@Univ of Portsmouth, UK 05/01/2024 PostDoc
Post-doc in Quantum Computing Applications to Electronic Structure 18/01/2024 PostDoc
"Understanding the learning process of quantum neural networks", Postdoc, Florence, Italy 21/01/2024 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in theoretical quantum information science, focusing on sensing and algorithms 20/01/2024 PostDoc
PostDoc (and master thesis, PhD) in Quantum Information Theory at Inria Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique 01/07/2024 Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
PhD positions in TENORS MSCA network 31/03/2024 PhD
Cavity control of quantum material properties 15/01/2024 PhD
PhD student position - Electron trapping 31/03/2024 PhD