Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoctoral position in quantum simulation with neutral atom arrays, Trieste (Italy) 30/01/2024 PostDoc
Open PhD position on theory of light-matter interaction 30/04/2024 PhD
PhD opportunity in Carleton University's (Canada) Classical and Quantum Signal Processing Group 30/06/2024 PhD
Postdoc Position in Quantum and Classical Signal Processing Group at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada 15/01/2024 PostDoc
Quantum distributed computing and information processing 17/01/2024 PostDoc
PhD Fellowships in Quantum Science and Technology Vienna 08/01/2024 PhD
PhD Position in Quantum Error Correction 06/12/2024 PhD
Postdoc or Staff Scientist in cold Rydberg atoms - OIST Okinawa Japan 31/03/2024 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematical Methods for Quantum Information and Quantum Control Technologies 31/01/2024 PostDoc
ESA Research Fellow in Quantum Remote Sensing 05/02/2024 PostDoc
Postdoc - Programable Atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 15/01/2024 PostDoc
Research Fellow for Quantum Simulation @ Univ of Portsmouth, UK 05/01/2024 Fellowship, PostDoc
Quantum Knowledge & Innovation Broker 31/12/2023 PostDoc
Quantum Information/Technology faculty position at Sejong University, Seoul, Korea 31/03/2024 Professorship
Post Doctoral Fellow at CQuERE, TCG CREST, Kolkata, India 08/12/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc - Modelling of superconducting qubit circuits with machine learning techniques 01/02/2024 PostDoc
PhD Project in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Foundations at Grenoble 15/01/2024 PhD
Post-doc position on the simulation of open quantum systems for metrology 12/12/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc position at University of Tübingen, Germany 15/12/2023 PostDoc
Postdoc position at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona PostDoc