Title Application deadline Job type
Research Fellow @ University of Portsmouth (UK) 01/11/2023 PostDoc
Post-Doc Position in Theoretical Quantum Metrology at the University of Warsaw 30/11/2023 PostDoc
Quantum-enhanced sensors for the gravity-quantum interface 30/11/2023 PhD
Quantum enhanced fibre Optic sensors 30/11/2023 PostDoc
Postdoctoral fellow on Machine Learning for Quantum Physics 15/11/2023 PostDoc
Creating highly entangled states via Floquet engineering 27/10/2023 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Diagrammatic Monte Carlo at King’s College London 12/10/2023 PostDoc
PhD in Quantum Electromagnetics of Nanostructures (FSU Jena) 31/10/2023 PhD
Quantum Algorithms Scientist - Phasecraft (Bristol or London, UK) PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc fellowship in non-equilibrium topological systems (Rice, Houston TX) Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Quantum Physics 29/10/2023 Professorship
PhD position in photonic quantum computing (funded for UK students) at Imperial College London [RUQu Group] PhD
PhD positions in quantum materials research 30/10/2023 PhD
Fully-funded PhD student positions at the Hybrid Quantum Systems Laboratory 01/12/2023 PhD
Research Fellow in Many-Body Quantum Thermodynamics (Theory - 2 years) 10/11/2023 PostDoc
Postdoctoral researcher in quantum simulations of chemical dynamics at the Univesity of Sydney 24/10/2023 PostDoc
Postdoctoral researcher in ultra-low noise classical-quantum interface for trapped ions at the Univesity of Sydney 24/10/2023 PostDoc
Professor in experimental or theoretical quantum information - Université de Sherbrooke 01/11/2023 Professorship
Research fellow in the theory of Nano Photonic Gates based on Collision Model approach 01/01/2024 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Quantum Simulation of topological phases and many-body dynamics with Rydberg interactions 04/10/2023 PostDoc