Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position: Silicon photonics for quantum information processing 15/03/2020 PostDoc
Fully funded PhD position in quantum thermodynamics 29/02/2020 PhD
Theory of spin qubits on the helium surface 20/01/2020 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication 27/01/2020 PhD
PhD positions in Theoretical Quantum Technology at RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich 31/01/2020 PhD
Postdoc position in Theoretical Quantum Technology at RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich 31/01/2020 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Fellow in Quantum Photonics 07/01/2020 Fellowship, PostDoc
Research Associate in Theory of 
Quantum Nano Devices 30/01/2020 PostDoc
Photonics Integrated Circuit Design Engineer 22/12/2019 Other
2 PhD positions in Theoretical Quantum Physics at LMU Munich 10/04/2020 PhD
Postdoctoral position, Physics 24/01/2020 PostDoc
PhD scholarships for a new research field in Nanophotonics: Extreme Dielectric Confinement of Light 31/01/2020 PhD
PhD scholarships in Nanolaser Physics and Integrated Photonics 31/01/2020 PhD
Postdoc - experimental neutral atom quantum computing UW Madison 02/02/2020 PostDoc
PhD Positions at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies in Warsaw, Poland 18/01/2020 PhD
PhD position in quantum algorithms/complexity theory @ Uni Paderborn, Germany 31/01/2020 PhD
Non-equilibrium universality and self organisation in Rydberg quantum systems 31/01/2020 PhD
3-year PhD studentship 23/02/2020 PhD
PhD and PostDoc position in quantum control, quantum metrology & quantum information 05/01/2020 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoctoral researcher: Ultracold atomic gases 31/01/2020 PostDoc