Title Application deadline Job type
Research Associate in Quantum Imaging at Imperial College London 31/05/2020 PostDoc
Funded PhD Studentship on Diamond-Based Quantum Networks- University of Cambridge 30/04/2020 PhD
Funded PhD Studentship on Solid-State Quantum Photonics- University of Cambridge 30/04/2020 PhD
PhD Scolarships - QuantumInternet.it research group - University of Naples Federico II - Italy 30/04/2020 PhD
PhD positions, International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT), University of Gdansk 19/04/2020 PhD
Postdoc position in Theoretical Quantum Optics and Ultrafast Photonics 31/05/2020 PostDoc
Postdoc at theoretical quantum optics group in Taiwan 31/12/2020 PostDoc
VIHREN postdoc fellowship at Sofia University Fellowship, PostDoc
VIHREN PhD fellowship at Sofia University Fellowship, PhD
Postdocs @ Quantum Nonlocality, Foundations & Information Group in Taiwan 31/07/2020 PostDoc
PhD & PostDoc positions in superconducting circuits experimental group in Singapore 31/12/2020 PhD, PostDoc
Quantum Crypto/Comms Theory Postdoc positions at CQT 09/03/2020 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position on continuously monitored quantum sensors: theory for experiments (Warsaw, PL) 05/04/2020 PostDoc
Postdoc Positions at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies in Warsaw, Poland 31/03/2020 PostDoc
PhD position in mathematics of quantum algorithms (QuSoft & University of Amsterdam) 15/04/2020 PhD
Postdoctoral Position on Quantum Computing and Optimization - Lehigh University 24/06/2020 PostDoc
Quantum thermodynamics in flows of light 31/03/2020 PhD
Postdoc Positions: Analogue Gravity and Quantum Simulations of Curved Spacetime 30/04/2020 PostDoc
Funded postdoctoral position in a research network on quantum thermodynamics 31/03/2020 PostDoc
Post-doc position on quantum sensing based on adaptive learning 11/03/2020 PostDoc