Title Application deadline Job type
Quantum Programmer (Computational Scientist) 21/08/2020 Other, PostDoc
PhD in Quantum open systems/Quantum information theory at Center For Theoretical Physics PAS (Warsaw) 18/08/2020 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow - CQuIC 01/11/2020 PostDoc
PhD Studentship in Quantum Matterwave Optics 15/09/2020 PhD
Application Deadline Prolonged - Postdoc in Theory of Quantum Open Systems/Quantum Information at Center For Theoretical Physics (Warsaw) 31/08/2020 PostDoc
Postdoc position at the Centre for Quantum Computer Science, University of Latvia 01/09/2020 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Researcher (The Theory of Modern Quantum Algorithms) 01/09/2020 Fellowship, PostDoc
Postdoc position in quantum computing and AI @ ITP Innsbruck 03/08/2020 PostDoc
A postdoctoral position in QIT@KAIST, South Korea 07/08/2020 PostDoc
PhD Studentship - Quantum Photonic Memory for Telecommunication Networks 31/08/2020 PhD
PostDoc positions in quantum information and Intelligent Energy Harvesting at SUSTech (Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China) PostDoc
Project in Philosophy and Physics on AI in basic research 09/08/2020 PhD
PhD Position in Theoretical Quantum Optics at IFIMAC (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain) 08/01/2020 PhD
Quantum Error Correction Researcher 24/07/2020 Other, PhD, PostDoc
MSCA Applications Invited 17/07/2020 PostDoc
Oxford: Quantum Theory for Early Quantum Computing 15/07/2020 PostDoc
PhD positions in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Science 08/01/2020 PhD
Postdocs in quantum computing in Japan 15/07/2020 PostDoc
PhD scholarship on Optomechanics with Quantum Emitters 15/07/2020 PhD
PhD scholarship on Multi-Qubit Quantum Photonic Devices 15/07/2020 PhD