Title Application deadline Job type
Postdoc position (3 years) in Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication (QuantERA) 31/07/2020 PostDoc
Post-doc position on the performance of quantum programmes at IITiS PAN 31/10/2020 PostDoc
Post-doc position in Many-body Localisation - Theory 15/09/2020 PostDoc
PhD/Postdoc Position in Space-Based Quantum Memories at the HU Berlin 21/07/2020 PhD, PostDoc
Experimental Atomic and Optical Physics Postdoc 01/10/2020 PostDoc
PhD positions in Quantum Information Resources, University of Palermo, Italy (Rosario Lo Franco group) 24/07/2020 PhD
Postdoc positions in Experimental and Theoretical Quantum Science at Aarhus University 01/08/2020 PostDoc
Joint PhD position Lisbon-Montpellier: “Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in the context of quantum and classical optics" PhD
Postdoctoral openings in Sherbrooke 30/08/2020 PostDoc
PhD position in the area of quantum algorithms and quantum programming 22/08/2020 PhD
Postdoc Position: Quantum Computing for Medical Applications 30/07/2020 PostDoc
Postdoc to develop cutting-edge optical tweezers setup up to study tribocharging 15/07/2020 PostDoc
PhD position, NISQ computing for optimisation problems, based in Paris 18/07/2020 PhD
Permanent position on the modelling of materials and devices for quantum information technologies 25/08/2020 Other, Professorship
Postdoc position on the modeling of silicon-on-insulator quantum bit arrays 31/08/2020 PostDoc
PhD positions for quantum information experiments with ultracold atoms. Based in Singapore. 31/12/2020 PhD
Two PhD positions for control of quantum sensing and simulation at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany) 30/06/2020 PhD
Asst. Scientist - Quantum Computing Scientist 10/08/2020 PhD
Quantum Computing Scientist 09/08/2020 PhD
PhD + Postdoc positions in Open systems/Quantum information theory at Center For Theoretical Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) 30/08/2020 PhD, PostDoc