Title Application deadline Job type
Research Scientist in Quantum Cryptography Systems, Toshiba, Cambridge 28/03/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Quantum Nanophotonics at the Macquarie University 26/03/2011 PostDoc
Positions available in the AtomChip Lab at Ben-Gurion University 22/10/2011 PhD, PostDoc
Postdoc and PhD positions at TU Munich, Germany PostDoc
Predoctoral Resarcher In Quantum Control And Tomography At The Universidad Carlos Iii De Madrid 28/02/2011 Fellowship
PhD project in quantum information/foundations at Royal Holloway, University of London 28/02/2011 PhD
Postdoctoral position in Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Gravity at the Albert Einstein Institute 31/01/2011 PostDoc
Research Associate/Fellow in Cold Atom Physics & Quantum Optics 27/02/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theoretical Cold Atom Physics and QIP at the University of Sussex 17/02/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ion Quantum Technology and Nanoscience at the University of Sussex 14/02/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Carbon Nanomaterials for Quantum Spintronics at Oxford 24/02/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Spin-Based Quantum Nanoscience at Oxford 24/02/2011 PostDoc
PhD position in quantum walks (Galway, Ireland) 15/02/2011 PhD
PhD project in quantum foundations: Structural Aspects of Qudit systems 14/02/2011 PhD
PhD position in Amsterdam PhD
Five Postdocs in Engineered Quantum Systems at the Macquarie University in Sydney 30/03/2011 PostDoc
Postdoctoral poisitons in Quantum Optics 31/03/2011 PostDoc
PhD position in Quantum Sensing with micro-cavities 28/02/2011 PhD
Post doctoral positions in quantum information theory at Naval Research Laboratory (USA) PostDoc
Faculty positions at IQC, University of Waterloo 14/12/2010 Professorship