Titlesort descending Application deadline Job type
PhD Fellowships in Quantum Theory and Machine Learning Fellowship, PhD
PhD Funding 15/02/2019 PhD
PhD grant on the multi-scale modeling of materials and devices for quantum computing 30/05/2021 PhD
PhD in Circuit compilers for near-term quantum computers 01/03/2019 PhD
PhD in coherent energy transport and molecular spin qubits 25/09/2017 PhD
PhD in cold atom theory at IF PAN, Warsaw, Poland 31/05/2018 PhD
PhD in Electrical control of probabilistic bits in chiral molecules (INPhINIT fellowship) 27/01/2022 Fellowship, PhD
PhD in Experimental Device-Independent QKD 30/12/2010 PhD
PhD in experimental quantum simulation with Rydberg atoms in Strasbourg, France 30/04/2021 PhD
PhD in Molecular Spins for Quantum Computing (INPhINIT fellowship) 25/11/2021 Fellowship, PhD
PhD in Physics: Post-classical sensing and computational capabilities of multiphoton interferometers 07/05/2018 PhD
PhD in Quantum Algorithms at Macquarie University, Australia 29/06/2014 PhD
PhD in Quantum Algorithms at QuSoft/University of Amsterdam 07/02/2021 PhD
PhD in Quantum Algorithms, Galway 01/11/2017 PhD
PhD in Quantum Communications Networks 30/04/2017 PhD
PhD in Quantum Computation in Galway 20/11/2014 PhD
PhD in Quantum Computing at Covestro Leverkusen/Cologne Germany 31/03/2021 PhD
PhD in Quantum Computing Devices based on Magnetic Molecules (INPhINIT fellowship) 02/02/2017 Fellowship, PhD
PhD in Quantum Cryptography (University of York) 30/08/2011 PhD
PhD in Quantum Darwinism/Quantum open systems at Center For Theoretical Physics PAS (Warsaw) 05/01/2021 PhD