Title Application deadline Job type
Associate Professorship at UKZN (CP04/2013) 04/04/2013 Professorship
Postdoc in Theoretical Quantum Optics of Quantum Many-Body Systems (Oxford) 18/05/2013 PostDoc
Postdoctoral position in Quantum Information at Telecom ParisTech PostDoc
Postdoctoral Researcher at Louisiana State University 14/04/2013 PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions in Galway 19/03/2013 PostDoc
PhD opportunities in Galway (deadline 12 march!) 11/03/2013 PhD
Two Postdoctoral Positions at Brunel University, London 03/04/2013 PostDoc
Postdoctoral positions at the University of Latvia PostDoc
PhD position: Quantum Foundations / Particle Physics (Siegen, Germany) 21/03/2013 PhD
Postdoctoral and PhD positions with the Quantum Information group, Hannover 11/03/2013 PhD, PostDoc
Research Assistant on Bio-inspired Quantum Technologies 07/03/2013 PostDoc
Three PhD Positions in Experimental Quantum Optics/Quantum Logic Spectroscopy 27/02/2013 PhD
Postdoctoral position in quantum information science at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK 19/02/2013 PostDoc
NITheP PostDoc position in Open Quantum Systems and Quantum Information Processing and Communication 07/02/2013 PostDoc
Post-doc in theoretical quantum information in Grenoble 13/02/2013 PostDoc
Funded masters by research in Quantum Game Theory (Galway) 14/02/2013 Other
PhD Fellowship - Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Metrology 19/01/2013 PhD
Postdoctoral Research Positions - Quantum Information and Foundations 30/01/2013 PostDoc
Experimental and theoretical postdoc positions in quantum dot qubits PostDoc
Research Fellowships and Research Professorships in Photonics and Quantum Science 03/02/2012 PostDoc, Fellowship, Professorship