Title Application deadline Job type
Electronic Quantum Technology Research Fellow 05/08/2014 PostDoc
ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan" Fellowship Programme 29/04/2010 PostDoc
ERCIM "Alain Bensoussan" Fellowship Programme 29/09/2010 PostDoc
Experimental and theoretical postdoc positions in quantum dot qubits PostDoc
Experimental Implementation of quantum complex networks via multimode quantum optics at LKB Paris PostDoc
Experimental PhD and Postdoc positions - Ultracold atoms in non-standard optical lattices at ICFO, Barcelona 29/09/2013 PostDoc
Experimental physicist 15/11/2018 Other
Experimental Physicist - Quantum Optics 21/04/2018 Other
Experimental position in quantum information technology at University of Gdansk Professorship
Experimental postdoc position in ultracold quantum gases at ICFO, Barcelona 03/01/2019 PostDoc
Experimental Quantum Engineer Other
Experimental Quantum Information Processing with single atoms in optical cavities (MPQ, Garching, Germany) PhD, PostDoc
Experimental Quantum Optics 21/01/2018 PostDoc
Experimental Quantum Optics Stockholm University (several positions) 24/04/2018 PhD, PostDoc
Experimental Quantum Physicist / Engineer 01/07/2018 Other, PostDoc, Professorship
Faculty position at H.I.T. 15/09/2018 Other
Faculty position in CS at the University of Maryland 16/12/2016 Professorship
Faculty Position in experimental Quantum optics, quantum cryptography, University Guanajuato, Mexico 20/07/2019 Professorship
Faculty Position in QI at Virginia Tech 30/10/2017 Professorship
Faculty Position in Quantum Information 30/11/2011 Professorship