Title Application deadlinesort descending Job type
Postdoctoral research fellow | Thermally-Induced Phenomena in Strongly Coupled Quantum Systems 30/05/2019 PostDoc
PhD position on quantum network simulation @QuTech 30/05/2019 PhD
Postdoctoral researcher in Quantum Non-Gaussian Metrology 30/05/2019 PostDoc
Post-doc and Ph.D.-student positions in theory of continuous-variable quantum communication 31/05/2019 PhD, PostDoc
PhD position in quantum speed limits and thermodynamics at Trinity College Dublin 31/05/2019 PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow Position in Mankei Tsang's Group 31/05/2019 PostDoc
PhD position on the modeling of silicon two qubit gates 31/05/2019 PhD
PhD position available at RCQI Bratislava, Slovak Republic 31/05/2019 PhD
Postdoc position in material science simulation in Slovenia 01/06/2019 PostDoc
MCQST Junior Researcher START Fellowship 02/06/2019 Fellowship, PostDoc
Managing Director - Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST) 03/06/2019 Other
Research Associate/Fellow in non-equilibrium physics and/or applications of machine learning to many-body systems (fixed term) 04/06/2019 PostDoc
Group leaders at the Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies, University of Warsaw 07/06/2019 Professorship
PhD Candidacy on Disorder and Interactions in Topological Lattices 10/06/2019 PhD
CoQuS Open Call for PhD Fellowships 10/06/2019 Fellowship, PhD
Two Research Assistants in quantum information theory 10/06/2019 PhD, PostDoc
PhD Candidacy on Ultracold Polar Molecules in Optical Lattices 10/06/2019 PhD
Group leaders of project “Near-term quantum computers, optimal implementations and applications” 15/06/2019 Professorship
PhD Position in Quantum Information at Amsterdam 17/06/2019 PhD
Position in quantum cryptography (University of Lisbon) 20/06/2019 PostDoc