Titlesort descending Application deadline Job type
Research Fellow in theoretical quantum many-body physics 17/07/2014 PostDoc
Research Fellow in theoretical quantum optics and cold atomic physics 24/07/2014 PostDoc
Research fellow in theoretical quantum optics and quantum simulations of many body effects 19/10/2012 PostDoc
Research Fellow in Theory of Control and Quantum State Measurement in Superconducting Circuits 15/07/2014 PostDoc
Research Fellow Position PostDoc
Research fellow position in theoretical physics of dopants in Silicon 14/05/2015 PostDoc
Research Fellow – Large Deviations for quantum trajectories (University of Nottingham) 21/10/2012 PostDoc
Research Fellows in Quantum Information and Complexity Science 15/05/2016 PostDoc
Research Fellowship in Fundamental Physics – Quantum Metrology 06/07/2017 PostDoc
Research Fellowship in Quantum Information 05/06/2008 Fellowship
Research Fellowships and Research Professorships in Photonics and Quantum Science 03/02/2012 PostDoc, Fellowship, Professorship
Research Fellowships at the University of Nottingham (3 years tenure track positions) 24/09/2015 PostDoc, Fellowship
Research position at Riverlane 19/09/2019 PostDoc
Research Positions in Quantum Computing - Skoltech (Postdoc/PhDs) 10/08/2017 Fellowship, PhD, PostDoc
Research positions in quantum physics and quantum optics 21/04/2013 PostDoc, Fellowship
Research Professor in Experimental Quantum technology 14/08/2011 Professorship
Research Scientist 31/12/2016 Other
Research Scientist 30/06/2019 Other, PostDoc
Research Scientist (multiple levels) - Tensor Networks/Hamiltonian Complexity/Machine Learning PostDoc
Research Scientist - Quantum Computing - Paris (France) 31/12/2017 Fellowship, PostDoc