16-qubit IBM universal quantum computer can be fully entangled. (arXiv:1801.03782v1 [quant-ph])

Multipartite entanglement is an important evidence that a quantum device can
potentially solve problems intractable for classical computers. In this paper,
we report on genuine multipartite entanglement of up to 16 qubits on ibmqx5, a
16-qubit superconducting quantum processor accessible via IBM cloud. Connected
graph states involving 8 to 16 qubits are prepared on ibmqx5 using low-depth
circuits. We demonstrate that any pair of qubits connected on the graph are
entangled, therefore for any cut on the graph two parts are entangled, i.e. the
entanglement is genuine. Our results set a new record for the number of
genuinely entangled qubits for both superconducting circuits and trapped ions

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