Classical reconstruction of interference patterns of position-wavevector-entangled photon pairs by time-reversal method. (arXiv:1711.03224v1 [quant-ph])

The quantum interference of entangled photons forms a key phenomenon
underlying various quantum-optical technologies. It is known that the quantum
interference patterns of entangled photon pairs can be reconstructed
classically by the time-reversal method; however, the time-reversal method has
been applied only to time-frequency-entangled two-photon systems in previous
experiments. Here, for the first time, we apply the time-reversal method to the
position-wavevector-entangled two-photon systems: the two-photon Young
interferometer and the two-photon beam focusing system. We experimentally
demonstrate that the time-reversed systems classically reconstruct the same
interference patterns as the position-wavevector-entangled two-photon systems.

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