Classical simulation of high-dimensional entanglement by non-separable angular--radial modes. (arXiv:1901.03050v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

An analogous model system for high-dimensional quantum entanglement is
proposed, based on the angular and radial degrees of freedom of the improved
Laguerre Gaussian mode. Experimentally, we observed strong violations of the
Bell-CGLMP inequality for maximally non-separable states of dimension 2 through
10. The results for violations in classical non-separable state are in very
good agreement with quantum instance, which illustrates that our scheme can be
a useful platform to simulate high-dimensional non-local entanglement.
Additionally, we found that the Bell measurements provide sufficient criteria
for identifying mode separability in a high-dimensional space. Similar to the
two-dimensional spin-orbit non-separable state, the proposed high-dimensional
angular-radial non-separable state may provide promising applications for
classical and quantum information processing.

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