From Classical Superposition of Waves to Quantum Interference: Three Level Quantum System for Two Entangled Photons. (arXiv:1806.00619v8 [physics.optics] UPDATED)

Properties and applications of a plasmonic cross-shaped nano-antenna is
presented and compared to those of a bi-periodic array of holes. A simple
analytical model based on the superposition of waves are proposed and compared
to the numerical results. A direct consequence of unequal path for two
orthogonal surface waves leads to a coherent quantum interferometer with
interesting properties. Mechanism behind the rotating surface charge densities
and consequently, the formation of rotating resultant dipole moments is
identified and the concept of Dipole-SPP-LSP-Stokes coupling is introduced.
Among the most significant findings, a three-level quantum system for entangled
photons, based on the polarization state of the transmitted light is presented.

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