Coherent and dissipative dynamics of entangled few-body systems of Rydberg atoms. (arXiv:1901.10896v2 [physics.atom-ph] UPDATED)

Experimentally observed quantum few-body dynamics of neutral atoms excited to
a Rydberg state are numerically analyzed with Lindblad master equation
formalism. For this, up to five rubidium atoms are trapped with optical
tweezers, arranged in various two-dimensional configurations, and excited to
Rydberg 67S state in the nearest-neighbor blockade regime. Their coherent
evolutions are measured with time-varying ground-state projections. The
experimental results are analyzed with a model Lindblad equation with the
homogeneous and inhomogeneous dampings determined by systematic and statistical
error analysis. The coherent evolutions of the entangled systems are
successfully reproduced by the resulting model analysis for the experimental
results with optimal parameters in consistent with external calibrations.

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