A Comparative Study of Coupled High-Q Cavity-Quantum Dot System Regarding Dipole Induced Transparency. (arXiv:1712.01944v1 [quant-ph])

We present the differences between Input-Output formalism (IOF) and
Incoherent Pumping Mechanism (IPM) derived from Lindblad Master Equation
approach in terms of the transmission spectrum of Coupled high-Q Cavity with
Quantum Dot system in the strong coupling regime. Fullwidth- half-maximum
(FWHM) and the peak transmission of Dipole Induced Transparency (DIT) are
inquired for detailed comparison in on-resonant and off-resonant conditions. We
have found that DIT phenomenon in off-resonant case cannot be explained
entirely by IPM although both methods can exhibit the same Vacuum Rabi
splitting in on-resonant case. We have concluded that polariton having
atomic-like feature in transmission spectrum could not be captured completely
by IPM.

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