Coulomb-free and Coulomb-distorted recolliding quantum orbits in photoelectron holography. (arXiv:1802.00789v1 [physics.atom-ph] CROSS LISTED)

We perform a detailed analysis of the different types of orbits in the
Coulomb Quantum Orbit Strong-field Approximation (CQSFA), ranging from direct
to those undergoing hard collisions. We show that some of them exhibit clear
counterparts in the standard formulations of the strong-field approximation for
direct and rescattered above-threshold ionization, and show that the standard
orbit classification commonly used in Coulomb-corrected models is
over-simplified. We identify several types of rescattered orbits, such as those
responsible for the low-energy structures reported in the literature, and
determine the momentum regions in which they occur. We also find formerly
overlooked interference patterns caused by backscattered, Coulomb-corrected
orbits and assess their effect on photoelectron angular distributions. These
orbits improves the agreement of photoelectron angular distributions computed
with the CQSFA with the outcome of ab-initio methods for high-energy
phtotoelectrons perpendicular to the field-polarization axis.

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