Critical slowing down in driven-dissipative Bose-Hubbard lattices. (arXiv:1709.04238v1 [quant-ph])

We theoretically explore the dynamical properties of a first-order
dissipative phase transition in coherently driven Bose-Hubbard systems,
describing, e.g., lattices of coupled nonlinear optical cavities. Via
stochastic trajectory calculations based on the truncated Wigner approximation,
we investigate the dynamical behavior as a function of system size for 1D and
2D square lattices in the regime where mean-field theory predicts nonlinear
bistability. We show that a critical slowing down emerges for increasing number
of sites in 2D square lattices, while it is absent in 1D arrays. We
characterize the peculiar properties of the collective phases in the critical

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