Dark information of black hole radiation raised by dark energy. (arXiv:1802.01118v1 [gr-qc])

The "lost" information of black hole through the Hawking radiation was
discovered being stored in the correlation among the non-thermally radiated
particles [Phys. Rev. Lett 85, 5042 (2000), Phys. Lett. B 675, 1 (2009)]. This
correlation information, which has not yet been proved locally observable in
principle, is named by dark information. In this paper, we systematically study
the influences of dark energy on black hole radiation, especially on the dark
information. Calculating the radiation spectrum in the existence of dark energy
by the approach of canonical typicality, which is reconfirmed by the quantum
tunneling method, we find that the dark energy will effectively lower the
Hawking temperature, and thus makes the black hole has longer life time. It is
also discovered that the non-thermal effect of the black hole radiation is
enhanced by dark energy so that the dark information of the radiation is
increased. Our observation shows that, besides the mechanical effect (e.g.,
gravitational lensing effect), the dark energy rises the the stored dark
information, which could be probed by a non-local coincidence measurement
similar to the coincidence counting of the Hanbury-Brown -Twiss experiment in
quantum optics.

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