Eigenvalue equations from the field of theoretical chemistry and correlation calculations. (arXiv:1709.07352v1 [physics.chem-ph])

Many equations have been introduced and derived by the author indicated in
the title in relation to multi-electron densities between the Hohenberg-Kohn
theorems and variational principle, conversion of the non-relativistic
electronic Schrodinger equation to scaling correct moment functional of ground
state one-electron density to estimate ground state electronic energy,
participation of electron-electron repulsion energy operator in the
non-relativistic electronic Schrodinger equation via the coupling strength
parameter along with generalizing the Hund rule, the emblematic theorems
virial-, Moller-Plesset-, Hohenberg-Kohn-, Koopmans-, Brillouin theorem and
configuration interactions formalism, and with analytic evaluation of Coulomb
integrals for one, two and three-electron operators, as well as focusing on
ground state electronic energy, correlation energy and zero point energy of
stationer molecular systems.

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