Electro-mechano-optical detection of nuclear magnetic resonance. (arXiv:1706.00532v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

Signal reception of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) usually relies on
electrical amplification of the electromotive force caused by nuclear
induction. Here, we report up-conversion of a radio-frequency NMR signal to an
optical regime using a high-stress silicon nitride membrane that interfaces the
electrical detection circuit and an optical cavity through the
electro-mechanical and the opto-mechanical couplings. This enables optical NMR
detection without sacrificing the versatility of the traditional nuclear
induction approach. While the signal-to-noise ratio is currently limited by the
Brownian motion of the membrane as well as additional technical noise, we find
it can exceed that of the conventional electrical schemes by increasing the
electro-mechanical coupling strength. The electro-mechano-optical NMR detection
presented here opens the possibility of mechanical parametric amplification of
NMR signals. Moreover, it can potentially be combined with the laser cooling
technique applied to nuclear spins.

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