Entanglement Entropy in Lifshitz Theories. (arXiv:1705.01147v4 [hep-th] UPDATED)

We discuss and compute entanglement entropy (EE) in (1+1)-dimensional free
Lifshitz scalar field theories with arbitrary dynamical exponents. We consider
both the subinterval and periodic sublattices in the discretized theory as
subsystems. In both cases, we are able to analytically demonstrate that the EE
grows linearly as a function of the dynamical exponent. Furthermore, for the
subinterval case, we determine that as the dynamical exponent increases, there
is a crossover from an area law to a volume law. Lastly, we deform Lifshitz
field theories with certain relevant operators and show that the EE decreases
from the ultraviolet to the infrared fixed point, giving evidence for a
possible c-theorem for deformed Lifshitz theories.

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