Entanglement swapping in black holes: restoring predictability. (arXiv:1805.09573v2 [hep-th] UPDATED)

Hawking's black hole evaporation process suggests that we may need to choose
between quantum unitarity and other basic physical principles such as
no-signalling, entanglement monogamy, and the equivalence principle. We here
provide a quantum model for Hawking pair black hole evaporation within which
these principles are all respected. The model does not involve exotic new
physics, but rather uses quantum theory and general relativity. The black hole
and radiation are in a joint superposition of different energy states at any
stage of the evaporation process. In the particular branch where the black hole
mass is 0, the radiation state is pure and one-to-one with the initial state
forming the black hole. Thus there is no information loss upon full
evaporation. The original Hawking's pair entanglement between infalling and
outgoing particles gets transferred to outgoing particles via entanglement
swapping, without violation of no-signalling or the entanglement's monogamy.
The final state after the full black hole evaporation is pure, without loss of
information, violation of monogamy, or the equivalence principle.

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