Floquet engineering of localized propagation of light in waveguide array. (arXiv:1710.06046v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

The light propagating in a waveguide array or photonic lattice has become an
ideal platform to control light and to mimic quantum behaviors in a classical
system. We here investigate the propagation of light in a coupled waveguide
array with one of the waveguides periodically modulated in its geometric
structure or refractive index. Within the framework of Floquet theory, it is
interesting to find that the light shows the localized propagation in the
modulated waveguide as long as bound quasistationary modes are formed in the
band-gap area of the Floquet eigenvalue spectrum. This mechanism gives a useful
instruction to confine light via engineering the periodic structure to form the
bound modes. It also serves as a classical simulation of decoherence control
via temporally periodic driving in open quantum systems.

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