Four-Photon Kapitza-Dirac Effect as Electron Spin Filter. (arXiv:1803.02748v1 [physics.atom-ph])

We theoretically demonstrate the feasibility of producing electron beam
splitter using Kapitza-Dirac diffraction on bichromatic standing waves which
are created by the fundamental frequency and the third harmonic. The
relativistic electron in Bragg regime absorbs three photons with frequency of w
and emits a photon with frequency of 3w, four-photon Kapitza-Dirac effect. In
this four-photon Kapitza-Dirac effect distinct spin effects arise in different
polarizations of the third harmonic laser beam. It is shown that the shape of
Rabi oscillation between initial and scattered states is changed and finds two
unequal peaks. In circular polarization for fundamental and third harmonic,
despite Rabi oscillation, the spin down electron in 0.56 fs intervals maintains
its momentum and spin. Also we present an electron spin filter with combination
of a linearly polarized fundamental laser beam and a third harmonic with
circular polarization that scatters the electron beam according to its spin

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