Hybrid plasmonic waveguide coupling of photons from a single molecule. (arXiv:1905.06321v1 [quant-ph])

We demonstrate the emission of photons from a single molecule into a hybrid
gap plasmon waveguide (HGPW). Crystals of anthracene, doped with
dibenzoterrylene (DBT), are grown on top of the waveguides. We investigate a
single DBT molecule coupled to the plasmonic region of one of the guides, and
determine its in-plane orientation, excited state lifetime and saturation
intensity. The molecule emits light into the guide, which is remotely
out-coupled by a grating. The second-order auto-correlation and
cross-correlation functions show that the emitter is a single molecule and that
the light emerging from the grating comes from that molecule. The coupling
efficiency is found to be $\beta_{WG}=11.6(1.5)\%$. This type of structure is
promising for building new functionality into quantum-photonic circuits, where
localised regions of strong emitter-guide coupling can be interconnected by
low-loss dielectric guides.

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