Mechanism for Coherence in the Resonant System of Ion-solvated Water Molecules and Radiation. (arXiv:1811.02857v2 [quant-ph] UPDATED)

This paper presents a comprehensive exposition of a spontaneous laser model
for a resonant semiclassical system of radiation and ion cluster-solvated
rotating water molecules with subtly variable moments of inertia. In this
system, ions in the cluster carry the same electric charge and move with very
low, non-relativistic velocities in a direction parallel to an applied
unidirectional static electric field. The role of the static electric field is
to induce electrostatic mixing of the rotational states of the water molecules.
It is assumed that the dimensions of the ion cluster are much shorter than the
wavelength of the radiation in the resonant interaction. In this model, we
describe rotating water molecules quantum mechanically by using a two-level
approximation, and we show that the equations of motion of the system are the
same as those of a conventional free electron laser system. This result and the
existence of permanent electric polarization of the water molecules by
electrostatic mixing lead to a mechanism for radiation coherence induced by
collective instability in the wave-particle interaction. As an illustrative
example, we apply this mechanism to action potential propagation in myelinated
neuronal axons of the human brain.

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