Near-Heisenberg-limited parameter estimation precision by a dipolar-Bose-gas reservoir engineering. (arXiv:1801.00557v1 [quant-ph])

We propose a scheme to obtain the Heisenberg-limited parameter estimation
precision by immersing atoms in a thermally equilibrated quasi-one-dimensional
dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate reservoir. We show that the collisions between
the dipolar atoms and the immersed atoms can result in a controllable nonlinear
interaction through tuning the relative strength and the sign of the dipolar
and contact interaction. We find that the repulsive dipolar interaction
reservoir is preferential for the spin squeezing and the appearance of an
entangled non-Gaussian state. As a useful resource for quantum metrology, we
also show that the non-Gaussian state results in the phase estimation precision
in the Heisenberg scaling, outperforming that of the spin-squeezed state.

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