NV-Metamaterial: Tunable Quantum Hyperbolic Metamaterial Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond. (arXiv:1802.01280v1 [physics.app-ph])

We show that nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond can produce a novel
quantum hyperbolic metamaterial. We demonstrate that a hyperbolic dispersion
relation in diamond with NV centers can be engineered and dynamically tuned by
applying a magnetic field. This quantum hyperbolic metamaterial with a tunable
window for the negative refraction allows for the construction of a superlens
beyond the diffraction limit. In addition to subwavelength imaging, this
NV-metamaterial can be used in spontaneous emission enhancement, heat transport
and acoustics, analogue cosmology, and lifetime engineering. Therefore, our
proposal interlinks the two hotspot fields, i.e., NV centers and metamaterials.

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