Permutation Matrix Representation Quantum Monte Carlo. (arXiv:1908.03740v1 [cond-mat.stat-mech] CROSS LISTED)

We present a quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for the simulation of general
quantum and classical many-body models within a single unifying framework. The
algorithm builds on a power series expansion of the quantum partition function
in its off-diagonal terms and is both parameter-free and Trotter error-free. In
our approach, the quantum dimension consists of products of elements of a
permutation group. As such, it allows for the study of a very wide variety of
models on an equal footing. To demonstrate the utility of our technique, we use
it to clarify the emergence of the sign problem in the simulations of
non-stoquastic physical models. We also study the thermal properties of the
transverse-field Ising model augmented with randomly chosen two-body
transverse-field interactions.

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